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View Thread: is it IE or GMail that is forcing me to use Chrome?
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    I use two gmail accounts during the day. And I want them both open in separate windows.

    I login to the first in IE (on windows 8 ). Then for the 2nd I start up Chrome and login to the 2nd account. IE caches the login for the first account. And Chrome caches it for the 2nd. When I login to the 2nd account in IE I get a popup message in the 1st account saying I have been logged out.

    Is the reason because IE can only cache one password at a time?  Is it possible to start a 2nd instance of IE with a 2nd password cache store?

    The 2nd reason I have to use Chrome in Windows 8 is because videos play more reliably in Chrome than IE. This site is especially problematic in windows 8.  In 8.1 it works.  But even on 8.1 I find that whenever a video does not play I switch to Chrome and it does play. 

    And last week I found that I could not config my router from IE on windows 8.1. The tech told me to switch to Chrome and it worked.