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View Thread: is managed code faster than native?
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    Also the thing about obscure languages, it shows how you can do dynamic languages right. Erlang's primary weakness is that it decided to copy the syntax of Prolog. That makes it very unapproachable for beginners.

    You have language like Ruby which isn't that obscure at all and have beautiful syntax. I mean, it's all over the place these days, especially for new development. It has a much better syntax than Erlang and it's also very strongly typed. Ditto for Python. Very well designed languages, with unfortunately, very slow runtimes. That makes them useless for some things, which is incredibly unfortunate.

    Then you have JS which is less pretty, but people have made it pretty via CoffeeScript. But JS is very fast, much faster than any dynamic language ever was because some people had the smart idea of trying to speed up a dynamic language for what seems to be the first real attempt.

    At some point you will have the niceness of Ruby and Python, the robustness of Erlang, and the speed of JavaScript merge. That will be the language of the future.