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    @evildictaitor: Just like I thought; you haven't developed on it using Visual Studio. Tsk...tsk...

    It's clear that your bias shows through by your own statements:

    I have a jailbroken Surface RT [street cred] which I use to run Powershell and Burp [excuse me] Professional. I also have a jailbroken iPad [more street cred] with SSH [the baby is sleeping!]. It's a PITA [for my blind eyes] to use compared with Visual Studio on a desktop [besides I have really big hands]. I'll admit I don't run VS on the Surface RT or have a Surface Pro [but that proves nothing since I am always right], but it's the size of the screen that hurts [my feelings] when developing long before disk space [because I said so] or anything else gets into the equation [and I should know because I'm really good with equations and other math related things].

    EvilD: you teach me new tricks every day. Thanks!