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View Thread: jamie's back but no C9 Park in sight
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    i have literally lost all hope with ms

    i know the big infrastructure is still there - worldwide - lots of pc's still needing software

    and ms will be there to do that - and adobe and corel etc... although i cant think of any other names

    i read the other day this guy in a forum said "People hate win 8 cause it isnt dev friendly - that everything you see on the net is created by people in win or osx using real computers - not touch screen kiosks

    true but wrong but right


    im disillusioned too ... 

    then there are all the bring back bill / dont bring back bill articles of late...

    there is a ....WAY ... to bring back bill yet not really put him in charge - more of a social bill the frontman... like scoble -the traitor- used to be

    There are few real ms lovers left in the world

    and All the world loves lovers