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keyboard advice

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    My trusty Logitech diNovo Media Desktop keyboard had finally died. The mouse had given up many years ago but the keyboard has lasted probably billions of key presses.

    They are no longer available, so I need to find a new keyboard.

    I have a Sony VAIO T13 Laptop which has a chiclet style keyboard, which is ok. I popped into pc world and looked at the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop but 5 minutes of prodding isnt enough to tell.

    Can anyone advise what I should be looking at? cheers


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    The last keyboard that I purchased was a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard for $80. It was a good price, but now I'm a little disappointed after seeing this.

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    Dr Herbie

    @123tax:  I have the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop and the negatives outweigh the pluses for me: 

    Pluses :

    1. good shape (ergonomically and visually)
    2. nice key action and feel


    1. Media/Function key require a physical switch to select between -- getting sick of hitting F5 to refresh, but instead opening the search charm (stop, flip switch, press escape to dismiss search, press F5 again to refresh).
    2. Media/Function keys can get stuck down if not hit straight (key edge goes under the keyboard lip).  Took me a while to figure out why my code kept trying to run whenever I hit any key.
    3. Occasionally misses key presses (not sure if it's me or the keyboard, but it's not a problem I have on other keyboards).
    4. Chews through batteries faster than other wireless keyboards I've owned (although this may be because it only takes AAA instead of the AA of other keyboards).

    Conclusion : OK for light keyboard users, not good for developers/writers.

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    @Dr Herbie: I've got the Sculpt Comfort keyboard. I've had it for several months so far, and it doesn't seem to have any issues with 2-4. However, I don't use the "blue function" keys very often, so I haven't experienced #1.

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    Sven Groot

    @Dr Herbie: I have the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop at work. It works fine, except the Tab key is occasionally unreliable. I never touch the media/function switch (it's always on function), so I don't care about that.

    At home I have the Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000, which is still one of my favourite MS keyboards.

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    I use a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 8000 keyboard. Its function keys don't require an additional key to access.

    I have used the Microsoft software that allows me to on a per app basis to remap many of the keys.

    Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 8000

    The two keys you see on the left are re-mapped to top one : Debug.StepOver, bottom one : Debug.StepInto  The page up / down I have changed the keyboard key in visual studio to next bookmark, previous bookmark. Some keys I wish I could re-map as I never use them such as the big green one on the right, not even supported beyond Vista. Comment selection is the button above the big green one.

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