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    Dr Herbie

    @123tax:  I have the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop and the negatives outweigh the pluses for me: 

    Pluses :

    1. good shape (ergonomically and visually)
    2. nice key action and feel


    1. Media/Function key require a physical switch to select between -- getting sick of hitting F5 to refresh, but instead opening the search charm (stop, flip switch, press escape to dismiss search, press F5 again to refresh).
    2. Media/Function keys can get stuck down if not hit straight (key edge goes under the keyboard lip).  Took me a while to figure out why my code kept trying to run whenever I hit any key.
    3. Occasionally misses key presses (not sure if it's me or the keyboard, but it's not a problem I have on other keyboards).
    4. Chews through batteries faster than other wireless keyboards I've owned (although this may be because it only takes AAA instead of the AA of other keyboards).

    Conclusion : OK for light keyboard users, not good for developers/writers.