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kinect face tracking tutorial

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    hi , this is my first post here . I've got some ideas to use face tracking feature in 1.5 sdk . but there isn't any good tutorial about using it's features , in sdk 1.0 Dan's tutorials was really great and could give you some great knowledge to start your work but I didn't find any good tutorials on 1.5 sdk . the best I've found was in this blog :

    which the sample didn't work for me and gave me this error : "'The invocation of the constructor on type 'AwesomeFaceTracking.MainWindow' that matches the specifed binding constraints threw an expection.'Line number '3′ and line position '9′."

    anyone knows any good tutorial on how to get started in face tracking in c# ? 

    thanks so much

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    Thanks for the shoutout Smiley I did a very basic Face Tracking demo for TechEd Europe that shows how to rotate an image based on the rotation of your face - The sample is also included as well. Hope this helps,



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    thanks so much Dan , that video was as always really great for me cause I hadn't been programming kinect in last 4 months and that video did a really great job on refreshing my mind. I tried to simply pass the colorImage and Depth and skeleton values to my FaceTrackFrame variable . but as soon as I try to pass the sensor to my faceTracker ( i mean like faceTracker = new FaceTracker(newSensor) ) I get this exception error which I haven't been able to solve in the past 15hours :

    "Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.FaceTracking, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format."

    I searched and it seems like it's cause I have x64 windows ...

    I'll be appreciated if someone can help me with this.


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    ok I think I solved that , in solution explorer I should have opened solution properties and in configuration manager I should have changed every project to x64 , and then copy two dll files from 

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\Developer Toolkit v1.5.0\Redist\amd64 directory to my

    bin\x64\Debug directory

    and that solved that exception

    oh thank god I gotta sleep Smiley

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    @smtabatabaie: Yes, that's one of the issues is you have to make sure that the libraries are in the right place, meaning \bin\debug so that the files actually load. It's a bit unintuitive since you would assume everything is included when you reference the library, but you do have to manually set that path. Just glad you figured it out already Smiley

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    Thanks Dan , the other thing is I didn't find any documentation on face tracking feature in sdk 1.5 . the best I found was in this page : 

    which is mostly in C++ . and for example if I want to have the 2D position of nose I don't know what  method in FaceTrackFrame object I should use . or which point number is which element in face . I'll be appreciated if you can reference me something which covers those things . 

    thank you so much

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