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"metro" modern ui thoughts / questions

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    @figuerres: +1

    I'd suggest that people take a look at some of the apps that have been shown during build so far. There's some pretty nice looking stuff that's been produced. It's obviously metro, but much more refined.

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    Dr Herbie

    As a developer you can choose any colours you like for fills -- even gradients is you have a nasty streak.

    I was planning out a Win8 App  frontend for the Colour Lovers website and intend to eventually use of the Colour Lover palettes as a palette for the actual app.


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    I'm going to start ranting!

    Skeuomorphism is a good thing! It actually promotes easy and good understanding as learning by association is a very powerful way to learn something new.

    However UI's are at the whim of designers who typically like to follow trends, whether good or not so, whether the rest of us like it or not, we don't get much of a say! Design is not democratic.

    However, the 'success' of Windows 8, Surface, Phone how much of this can be put down to the Interface? I would argue a great deal. UI's after all *MUST* be attractive to look at, as well as work well. I feel a re-read of 'About Face' is in order ...

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    Dr Herbie

    @Sabot: So what's the skeuomorphic representation of OneNote or Powerpoint or an online chat application?  

    A problem with skeuomorphism is that there is lot of choice of (for example) email clients and they all have to have a different icon, which is much easier if you're not using skeuomorphism (now many obviously different skeuomorphic versions of an envelope can you think of?).

    Of course, you can still use a skeuomorphic icon in Win8, it will just stick out as a bit odd next to all the others. Alternatively you can use a flat 'iconified' image of an everyday thing instead and still hold an association to something else.


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    @Sabot: You can achieve whatever benefit skeuomorphism offers without going overboard with the realism. And skeuomorphism is all about going overboard. Stitched leather for a "Find My Friends" app? Really?

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    The other problem with skeuomorphism is that your design becomes unnecessarily constrained by limitations of the physical object you're aping. You can't pivot the arrangement of a physical address book easily, for example, but it's a natural and powerful feature in a digital one. Also +1 to the suggestion of reading About Face again. No developer can read that too often!

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    maybe people just look at win phone and think - i dont like boxes that much.


    It is simple

    cool it on the boxes (haha) "but its all built on boxes!"

    i know...  just allow more customization - boxes with rounded corners - transparent lg icons - your fav website on the start screen - 800 x 600 (max) id put toronto doppler there)  a running app like corel and photoshop - i wouldnt use alt tab but win key


    in other news - went to staples - saw iconia new models - mine - android 299 - same as last year - new mini one - 199 - and YOURS - 599 - same size as 299 android with win circle


    what a friggin joke you guys are with your - be apple - tablets

    I want the iconia tablet - i got last year for 299 - 10 inch - with win 8 (FULL)


    until i get that - i will not buy win8 on a tablet - for me, tory, and about 10 kids


    got that?




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    ps that is CDN!!!!


    *edit/re-cap - many Christmas presents last year were 99 dollar polaroid andoid 8 inch tablets - they rocked and worked like 10 inch cousins


    where are you at 99 dollars?  why arnt you giving these away for free at loblaws or branded Target - experiece "helpers"


    who the heck is running ms these days - oh ya - the sales guy still 

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