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    , jamie wrote

    for those that have known me since ...well the beginning of c9? my brother has been on XP.

    NO more

    ... friggin 12 years over.  hes gone to 64 bit / win8 / new machine / solid state / quiet power supply, 32 gb ram not 3... etc etc


    he loves it.  not that i didnt tell him to upgrade for over a decade... apparently it was this one program giga sampler - that was great but went out of business and wouldnt load past xp (properly). many in the pc music world still held on to it.. but finally there is some new (forget name) sampler out (has a K in it?) 

    but that was the trick.  One app - 12 years of SLOWWW  OVER!

    That would be Native Instruments Kontakt 5. It's nowhere near "new" but it's newER.
    It's a great VST for loading all kinds of nice well samples virtual instruments but like most sample playing instruments (as opposed to virtual synths which don't use samples at all) it eats up storage space and uses as much ram as you can throw at it.
    My favorite giant sample playing instrument actually isn't based on Kontakt. It's called Trillian and is pretty much just for bass sounds. The Chapman Stick and the Daniel Lanois inspired baritone bass patch are amazing.