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    I know this is only a patent and is far from making its way into products BUT the fact it exists makes me insanely happy..



    I've been screaming loud for the last several months of a world where XAML/ HTML/ DirectX and whatever UI framework comes can exist in the same render UI..

    XAML/Dx, Silverlight/XNA has shown how its possible to make a great UX from the combination of two UI stacks..

    In my opinion Html/Dx/Xaml combined would be killer, and if MS can deliver this I would be so happy!



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    Spare me for possible misreading because I've not been having my cup of coffee yet, but this sounds something that we can already done with VRML on Netscape 4.x (or IE5.x/6 with plugin) already.

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    EDIT: nvm, they just named it a lot like a different patent!

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