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    , PaoloM wrote

     So, we are now at 7 devices by your count. What about a smartwatch? A phablet? A smartdesk? Wearable computing?

    How many?

    Countless specialized devices will emerge over the next decade - the era of hardware has just begun.  People will begin to create new kinds of devices that we can only imagine.  3D printing will become better and better, and eventually we'll be programming in rod logic at the nanoscale.  These are essentially analog computers, that will be integrated with classical electronics, spintronics, organic computing and quantum computing.

    Think of Brian Beckman's video where he introduced the U.S. Navy Fire Control system - it's an analog computer that can precisely calculate things that digital computers could not possibly calculate due to floating point precision problems, until after WWII.  Then the era of analog computers died, but with 3D printing I believe that they will make a come back.  First in toys and all kinds of novelty items, then for real practical applications.

    EDIT:  Added some links.