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    , TexasToast wrote

    @brian.shapiro:Brian, nice comment except for one part.  Ron Paul is not a racist.   That whole story is BS and do not spread it.   I am not young(not old either) and I like Ron Paul.  I have enough money where I do not worry but I want my kids to have a good life.

    Who called Ron Paul a racist? And why? I can't see anything in this thread, Tex...

    => .HasNeverBeenToAnyPaulRally()

    brian. the arguments ARE demographically identifiable. 

    GOP arguments need to widen to bring women, hispanics, and young compassionate voters to presidential races. And they need to expunge the southern racists from their platform. They will not get it done in 2 years, and I suspect it will be a scramble for 4.