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    Those of us in the Ron Paul movement have warned that Romney has no chance of getting elected if they snub us so blatantly during the primary process. The clear fraud committed by the Repub establishment at the convention was the nail in the coffin as far as our support is concerned. Millions of us contributed to Ron Paul's campaign.

    The main problem with Repub voters seem to be their insistence on wasting so much money on American military empire. The money wasted leaves no room for them to reduce the spending....and they are left to ridiculous tactics like cutting funding for the big bird and other such inane things. How much does the big bird cost ? those funds are not even enough to cover a day's worth of Fed Government spending. 

    Of course, this does not mean Dems are any better when it comes to the Fed government budget. It is a foregone conclusion that Dems/Liberals are economically challenged.

    Repubs had a true chance in electing a genius when it comes to Economics.