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    Maddus Mattus

    , JohnAskew wrote


    Prove it.

    %52  is not  ==  %75

    30-52% income tax.

    Then we get compulsory insurances, which are in essence taxes for healthcare, pension and disabilities (don't know the exact percentage, have to lookup my payment sheet).

    21% (going to be 23%) consumer tax.

    Have you got insurance? There's a tax for that, 21%.

    Want to buy groceries? 6% tax.

    Then we get a 66% tax on fuel, gas and electricity.

    When we die state takes 40% as tax.

    Want to sell your house? 10% tax.

    New car has a 20% tax and on top the 21% consumer tax.

    Want to drive a car? There's a tax for that!

    Company car? Add 14%-25% (depending on CO2 emissions) of the new value of the car to your income and pay 30-52% tax over that!

    Then there are the taxes on a corporate level that get included into product price, which you don't actually see on the bill!

    It all amounts to a total tax pressure of more then 75% on the worker. In Holland we have the highest tax pressure in the world.