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    , JohnAskew wrote

    The budget was balanced. It is documented. Tricksey? Sure, it's politics. But the deficit under the Democrats is always far smaller than under Republicans. You may not promote the idea that wars started under Bush are Obama's spending ideas. You must subtract the two war costs from Obama's deficits to be honest about which party has the spending problem.

    But you seem to enjoy being 'tricksey' yourself.

    Its hard to say that the government under the 90s was "under Democrats" vs "under Republicans", since the Congress was largely driving the agenda by the point the Balanced Budget Agreement of 97 was passed, and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution failed by one vote, a Democrat. Plus, the budgets in the 80s were largely influenced by a Democratic congress. There are big problems with the claim that anything was solved during the 90s, whether by Republicans or Democrats, because as Srikanth said, it was the good economy that helped the budget more than any other factor, so I wouldn't credit Republicans or Democrats with the 90s budget -- but that's entirely another issue. There are also problems with saying only the Democratic congress was responsible for the 80s budgets too -- because Reagan spent overbudget on the military, against Republican objections -- but that's another issue too.

    The point is I wish we could just have an honest discussion about political issues without people being 'tricksey' about it. Political nonsense from both sides ruins things more than any one party does.