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    Yes, I would be glad to explain. Let's take today's topic for example. Today Obama proposed raising $1.6 trillion revenue over the next decade by means of Tax increases on "those rich" people.

     Lot of Dem voters seem to have hard time deciphering Obama's today's lie. You see, Obama is running $1 trillion deficit PER YEAR. His proposed tax increases on "those rich" people amounts to nothing on a PER YEAR basis. As usual, he offers KoolAid, and Dem voters just drink it. If Obama were not a liar, he would tell the truth. If he intends to fill the deficit by Taxes only...then taxing "those rich" amounts to nothing. He really needs to tax "us middle class" people. Then, only then, can his $1trillion/year deficit can be covered. Comprende' ?

    Now, I understand that lot of Liberals believe that if only the taxes on "those rich" can be increased  and spending not reduced, we can all hold hands and enjoy the milk and honey. But sometimes, Liberals need to drink coffee and smell their "batshit" ( to use your language).

    Given that I work with commodity prices, interest rates, FX rates data and use advanced statistical models to perform option valuation and risk metrics on millions of dollars of my customers commodity portfolios for my "daily" living ( and actually make a pretty good living at that), I would be glad to explain any other economic topic of interest to you. Do let me know what topic you need a little bit teaching on.