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    , TexasToast wrote


    I am with you on that.  I bet JohnAskew has never been to a Ron Paul rally.   Ron Paul has a lot of support it just gets suppressed by the media.   Anyway I think Ron Paul is done running again but someone will need to carry the torch for him.   I do not see anyone from the North in the republican party that has any chance.   

    The republicans need an answer so they stop pandering to the southern holy rollers.  This works in a regional election but fails nationally.   Ron Paul did not pander to anyone.

    Just a reality check: Ron Paul at the polls is attracting young people, but only young white males. Very few young women, minorities are showing up to vote for him. If Republicans have a demographics problem, so does Ron Paul x 10. I've read a lot of grumbling from some libertarians that the libertarian movement has to move towards the left to survive.

    Also: liberal states like California also still prove to be relatively split on social issues. The demographics may or may not to be moving against conservatives, but we're talking years down the line, when all the baby boomers are dead.

    I'm just saying reality is a bit more complex than people's perception of things. We need to get the media back to reality, and back to discussing actual issues of importance, like Medicare and SS, the war in Afghanistan, trade agreements, and even social issues, which are as valid to talk about as anything -- and away from distracting drama about what gaffe Romney made or what gaffe Obama made or whether young voters like Ron Paul or who is really being racist who "broke" the economy or which general is sleeping with whom.