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    As usual, the Economics challenged people making un-informed comments.

    Ron Paul, September 6, 2001.. On the floor of the Congress.

       He pleaded with the Congress and the president Bush not to embark on yet another Government engineered economic bubble called Housing bubble. He predicted the exact trajectory of commodity prices, interest rates, FX rates, GSE securities, you name it.... all of that 7 years in advance. His  many speeches on economics (over many years)are part of the official congressional records and can be accessed at

     On the other hand, we have the Economically challenged keynesian called Paul Krugman, who, in 2001 advocated for a housing bubble in response to the Dot Com Crash. Yet another clueless Keynesian, Fed Chariman Ben Bernanke, as late as 2007 was on primetime CNBC saying "sub-prime crisis is contained" and there is no financial crisis. That's right. He was on Primetime CNBC making this Economically challenged claim.

     Now, I understand that Economics is not everybody's subject of interest. But then, everybody seems to chime in on subject they know nothing about ( by electing economically challenged Obama).