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    , TexasToast wrote

    @Proton2: I was actually just kidding but there are a lot of unhappy campers here.  Secession will be fun news for awhile but it wont go anywhere.  Things have to get really bad before any of this gets traction.   I think the government in the US will just be gridlocked for next 4 years.

    I'm glad you were not serious about the cry baby secession banter. It's a bunch of sour grapes.

    Congress will have more elections in 2 years. If that changes the formula for gridlock, then you will be wrong with asserting 4 years of gridlock.

    Voters voted out t-party gridlockers... and will vote more out in 2 years if there isn't cooperation in Congress between the two parties. Republicans are voting against t-party extremists, too. Everyone wants a working government, not a bunch of radicals doing everything they can for more gridlock.