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    PLYMOUTH — In a partial defeat for the socially conservative wing of the Massachusetts GOP, the Republican State Committee effectively rejected the national party platform's strict language on abortion Tuesday night.

    A Republican move to the political middle is inevitable after losing elections this fall. Now, how the northern social liberals are going to corral the ignomious southern social conservative (bible belt folk), is the real fight that is brewing.

    In the 1960's, southern politics were either socially liberal Republicans or the socially conservative Democrats. Those southern conservatives became Republicans by Reagan's era. Today's southern liberals are Democrats.

    I believe the social liberal northern Republicans have had enough of their disgusting social conservative southern counterparts.

    I'd like to see them run the southern racists out of the GOP wholesale so that they can form their own southern white t-party - perhaps those racist Republican university students at Ol' Miss can champion a new redneck t-party and give the educated and decent northerner back his GOP.