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    , Maddus Mattus wrote



    And I can quote some of your other replies as wel.

    If the southeners are racists, why did 40% of Texas vote for Obama?

    And what do you think of the 93% of the African American vote for Obama? Or the 70+% of the Hispanics and Asians? Howcome that number is so unbalanced?

    Are you aware that the 40% in Texas is very close to the 41% White vote for Obama?

    Just my 2cents,.

    I live in the south, Maddus.

    -  Who suggests all southerners are racists? Not me. You apparently think that without any help.

    -  Who said all southerners vote the same, so that 40% becomes noteworthy for you? Not me.


    Southern Republicans, like the students at Ol' Miss shouted racist words for the entire world to video and playback when they learned Romney was conceeding to Obama, they are often racists.

    Southern Democrats are liberals and do not promote racist policies or shout-outs.

    It is one thing to believe the GOP has a racist platform -- I don't make that claim. It is another thing to say that folks vote by race and not policy. I would make the claim that the %93 & %70 are voting their favorite policies and not just for race. How can that be argued against?

    I cannot respect a GOP that panders to the cowardice espoused by those Ol' Miss students.