, TexasToast wrote

I like Ron Paul too.   Switch bodies with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul would win.   Lots of people judge on appearances and not content.  I think a third party is needed.  By the way,  what state does Ron Paul come from ?  Yes the best state in the country.

I never got to know Ron Paul. He failed to send his message my way. I'm not an ostrich, but I don't look under every rock at fringe candidates, and he is/was a fringe candidate.

I can see what Romney's plan is by looking at his lifestyle... he's at least predictable.

Ron Paul? What mini-van did he emerge from? What are his hobbies? He looks a bit like a mad scientist and that's not predictable, nothing is predictable with this guy... who is he, really? Perot?

Texas is what it is.