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    , TexasToast wrote

    @brian.shapiro:Brian, nice comment except for one part.  Ron Paul is not a racist.   That whole story is BS and do not spread it.   I am not young(not old either) and I like Ron Paul.  I have enough money where I do not worry but I want my kids to have a good life.

    I'm not, I think its BS too. That's another "gotcha" thing by the media, a distraction from talking about the issues. I'm just pointing out that Ron Paul isn't necessarily a magic bullet for the GOP since he can't seem to do better than the mainstream GOP candidates with other demographics.

    In general, I think the GOP and politics in general needs to move a little bit away from the "demographics debate" and focus on making arguments. If the GOP has good arguments they can persuade the demographics they need to win, the numbers as they stand don't matter. They also shouldn't give up positions they think they hold on principle just in order to pander and win votes. Obama isn't helping either, though, he made the election entirely about demographics too.