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    Maddus Mattus

    The tax pressure here in Holland is over 75% and we still cannot balance our budget.

    I don't believe that a government will ever balance the budget. That's not how governments work. When you give someone a 'right', you cannot deny them that 'right' when the budget runs out, because  it's the law.

    As a result we spend more then our budgets for nearly everything, especially healthcare.

    Funny story on the radio yesterday;

    They were talking about how Spain and Greece were literally on fire. Because they are not able to pay the budget cuts. They say budget cuts, but actually they mean tax increases. The radio show hosts babbled on about how budget cuts were bad and killing the economy, how they could not figure out a solution to this predicament.

    In the item after the one about Spain and Greece, they talked about how a nursing institution cut down on management and regulation for it's nurses. How they now were able to provide better care for less price. They were literally amazed that it was possible to turn the institution around almost overnight. They fired 80 managers and gave the nurses the responsibility to deliver the care that they thought was needed.

    If you have half a brain, you can see that cutting costs is not raising more taxes. Cutting costs is getting rid of regulations and overhead, so that the citizen is responsible for his own affairs. This is the way out of the predicament we are in right now. Government cant spend it's way out of a crisis.

    None of your or our leaders are willing to admit that they brought this onto themselves. Well, ultimately we brought it onto us, since we voted for them and let them run our lives.

    Moral of the story is, people are not willing to accept the obvious solution. Even if it's starting them right in the eyes.