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View Thread: reasonable benchmark and review of Win8 from a pro audio PC maker
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    @dentaku: I ended up getting the USB Komplete Audio 6. I've used a lot of these guys' music software in the past but never any of their hardware. I must say this is a really nice interface. I'm getting latency that is much lower than anything I was able to get with the firewire FA-66. Not sure if this is Windows 7 vs Windows 8 or just much better drivers. Basically, if I strum a guitar I can't notice any delay whatsoever. I'm sure total round trip delay must be less than 10ms. With the old FA-66, no matter how small I set the buffers, there was always at least 20ms total round trip delay, if not more. Consider that sound travels roughly 1ms/foot, then with the new interface it is like sitting no more than 10ft from the speaker. Not bad for USB that I was led to believe would suffer from latency issues.

    BTW, Windows 7 has already been able to do very well against OSX when it comes to pro audio. I know this is a bit old now but it is still relevant to Windows 7. If Windows 8 improves on this even more then this is significant for pro audio where there is a constant battle for lower latency. BTW I believe this "battle" will only be over until we can have a buffer size of 1 sample. Still a long way to go but these days we can easily do buffer sizes of 32 samples vs a few years ago where a few hundred samples were considered low.