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    Dr Herbie

    , figuerres wrote

    new name: Channel Spam - home of drive by spam that fills up the pages every few weeks.
    we have asked for changes to slow it down and MS seems to not care ...

    MS if you will not fix it then just shut the site down and move on.

    Channel9 has changed from an 'interact with us' site to a marketing site, so the Coffeehouse is no longer a priority.  That's OK with me (a smaller forum group is easier to keep track of), but it does mean that is doesn't get much love from the C9 team who are obviously concentrating on the videos.

    I don't mind deleting spam when it occurs (I just deleted about 3 pages worth), but it takes me 4 or 5 seconds per post to delete as spam, so when there are pages and pages I'm just going to give up -- unless I can bill MS for my time ;)

    The team just needs to take the risk and give more admin rights to someone in order to deal with these DoS spam attacks when they (regularly) occur outside of MS working hours.