i know i know... you all KNOW xbox - are sick of it etc...


Ive never SEEN one work - nor have my 2 nephews - and let me tell you i am king of presents right now (lol)

That friggin kinect thing - amazing. Joby was like harry potter - "james - madeliene! its a new level - wait - kaaaam!"  (change level) hilarious

So now I know. xbox blows away wii - wii is for kids - joby likes sega hedgehog MORE than mario (whod a thunk!) he was surprised to see Halo (classic) his birthday is in jan (next vers coming - with headphones)


I still cant get over kinect tho... why arnt lamps built with that in it...  oh ya cause the toaster might make toast! Smiley


anyway - belated "good one!" on xbox