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View Thread: some videos on orchard API please
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    =D yay!

    Yea, incidently, I was just breaking my head a little last 2-3 weeks thinking, how do I have some kinda of dynamic-crazy CMS-ish thingy that will allow me to compose a blog, or events or pages like they're all the same component. I then kinda had a rough stupid plan in my head of using ModelFor and EditorFor and some MEF to create something like this.

    I knew/heard about Orchard, but I rarely have the time to try betas (I usually work death-march-ish hours)

    When it hit 1.0 I decided, ok, its safe to take a look now, and it was like they practically read my mind!!

    I've just always hated all CMS's because it sometimes takes me longer to figure out how to do something in the CMS than do it myself, but Orchard was all goodness (and believe me I hate CMS's, WP,Drupal,DNN all of them! Sorry! =(

    I think Orchard could be a great turning point in CMS's on the MS stack, there aren't many, and their written in web forms (eek!). I'm already look at porting/moving some of my clients websites into orchard.

    Once major aspect to point out is also theming (CSS btw is like Chinese to me and my sister colour codes my clothes):
    So far I can only see from the docs how I would use CSS to play with existing themes, But I'm not clear on HOW you create/define zones, how they then play with layers?

    The default theme has so many zones defined, I see them all only in the picture, but I can kinda grasp my head as to why so many are there, and sometimes If I junk some widget into some zone it doesn't show up (Maybe I'm doing something wrong)

    Ugh, thats a lot of text, its still my 2c! Hope some orchard guys can find this?