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View Thread: something is wrong with my WinPh8.
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    Michael Butler

    , magicalclick wrote

    Compare to my WinPh7, my winph8 is not doing what it should.

    • auto-correction is not as good. Key cursor moves around in inappropriate places when I type this. Map doesn't have fav list. Map doesn't do turn by turn navigation anymore. Map direction is whacky. Music can't shuffle my entire collection. Music cannot do FM radio. And three of my Xbox Live games I bought can no longer be found on the marketplace.

    Is my WinPh8 dying on me? Or he just hates me?

    I've lost my two XBox Star Wars games. Both the Hoth thing and Cantina thing won't reinstall as they are no longer published. Oh and the XBox Live Full house Poker won't install either but I haven't checked that one for a week or so.

    Which games have you lost?