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unifyremote for Windows Phone and re-inventing the PC server app every time

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    I just found the website for this app while reading the Verge.
    It has a phone app and a PC app that communicate with each other so you can use your phone as a qwerty keyboard or remote control of sorts. It looks really interesting.

    Have any of you tried it? (I don't have a phone to test it on)

    It would be nice if there was one unified application you could run on your computer that could be extended by anyone (like plug-ins) to accept different kinds of data so people making these kinds of phone apps don't have to always re-invent the PC side of it (the app you have to run on your computer to receive and send data between phone and PC).
    It could have add-ons for receiving and sending QWERTY, MOUSE, MIDI (most important for me), DMX, GAME CONTROLLER etc. messages from phones over UDP or whatever method is appropriate for the particular app being used.

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    One issue is that if you do run some app on a pc that provides "remote control" and is a "well known standard" then it will be a huge target for malware / evil takover and all manner of crap.

    just saying ....


    that aside we have a standard called RDP that i would think could do this.... just send keybaord and mouse data w/o a video stream if RDP will allow that.

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