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View Thread: using winRT to code desktop apps
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    The example with bink.dll doesn't work because you can link bink.dll normally.

    Heh, it seemed to me that you were saying that limitations in Metro don't matter much because one can do things analogous to LoadLibrary by themselves, and with these tricks, one can call arbitrary functions. I said that there is little point in these tricks because whatever you'd like to call you can either already call without any tricks, linking the relevant code normally or embedding it into your app, or it wouldn't work no matter what tricks you do because the call goes into the kernel and the kernel will fail it.

    It now looks to me that you might not have been saying that tricks like reimplementing LoadLibrary  are all that useful, you just brought them up to illustrate that it is possible to make any call you want, even though that call might fail in the kernel later. If this is the case, then I misunderstood you, sorry.