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    Consider that you have to register with MSFT and then pay a $99 annual fee to deploy an app you have written to your windows phone. Consider also that you cannot run the .NET micro framework on a cell phone.

    Something else. Apple is hugely suceessful and profitable despite the fact that the programming languages and frameworks used to code Apple apps are inferior to .NET/C#

    The conclusion is that apps written the old fashioned way, by individuals and organizations which are going to use those apps, don't matter. They don't matter that is to the profitability of the company that produces the platform. They also don't matter much to the popularity of the platform.

    Windows 8, I am guessing, is all about Microsoft's attempt to bring an IPhone like ecosystem/profit center to the PC desktop. Think of the potential for profit to the provider of the desktop if the user runs a desktop app to make a plane or hotel reservation. Or it a desktop app is used to download and view a movie to their home theater system.

    In order for the platform provider to funnel a user's usage of the PC thru its desktop apps, that desktop has to be locked down. At a minimum, a portion of the desktop has to be reserved for apps the platform provider approves of.

    Arguably, there is a conflict between individuals who write and distribute apps the traditional way,.direct from developer to consumer, and the new Apple / desktop lockdown way. The new way enables the owner of the OS to profit from the daily use of the PC.