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    , fabian wrote

    When she calls me tomorrow demanding an explanation for,  why the 700 USD phone i adviced her buy two month ago, allready is obsolete and most likely wont see any more new apps.

    That is why you should read the people that are impartial on Channel 9. I hardly contribute now because for the most part you are getting advice from MSFT shareholders or people that think with their heart, rather than head.

    I can point to any number of threads where people were derided for being anti-Microsoft including comments like "Only a fool would buy a Lumia 900 phone now. If you have one, take it back." article available here.

    People can continue with their pure sycophancy toward mistakes being made at Microsoft, I am now running a proper update to my Android in Ice Cream Sandwich, and my predictions about Windows 8 are being echoed by some bigwigs I am dealing with.

    My advice to you is to avoid Windows Phone for the next couple of releases at least, until Microsoft commit to something and stick to it. That is why they are going to find it an uphill struggle with both their new OS and Phones, people have had enough.