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    I have literally only used a cell phone / smart phone once in my entire life as a phone, i.e. talk to someone else with. I got a windows phone because of its portable computing abilities, and I'm developing apps for it. I am super excited about the 8 capabilities. I am considering abandoning the 7 platform, but as I am just now ready to start coding up a storm for the next phase of one of my apps, I don't have an 8 device and probably won't have one for quite a while.

    I considered continuing to use the pocket PC instead of switching to the new Windows phone, but once I saw a demo of the new phone 7, I abandoned the pocket PC.

    Some future Windows phone might have an Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor built into it, and people will be angry at Microsoft because it makes their Windows Phone 9 obsolete. Smiley