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what happend to the "cool stuff"

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    Hi folks,

    as a long time Channel9-watcher I wonder: where is all the good stuff we used to see here? Where are Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer - where are the CS and functional programming series?

    Come on - WP7 and Kinect are fine toys but I want some brain-food ... please Crying

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    The only brain food for the last month has been Charles and everything C++ related.

    I guess they will have a lot of video's onces BUILD starts.

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    @CKurt: Yeah, I imagine they're all pretty busy getting ready for BUILD.

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    hope so - C++ is fine but I sadly lack interesst in there since I moved to .net world Devil

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    @CbrAInK: Be sure to watch the recent C++ one with Scott Meyers, Andrei and Herb, you need to know about that stuff. It's not just cool, it is sub-zero

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    @CbrAInK:I agree, just as i was drifting away from the microsoft stack i got suckered back in by F# and the whole functional thing. I've watched most of the vids now. All great stuff. I cant believe I missed it first time round. We need more of those guys, nevermind your c++ and your html5 Wink I forgot how intresting programming can be Smiley and thanks to those guys i'm back to what i onced loved doing.

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    It's a great question. Erik and Brian and many of the characters we all love to watch and listen to our super busy and can't spend time on C9. Erik is busy chaning the world (again) and Brian is coding up a storm...

    This will hopefully change in the near future. Oh yeah, I just remembered that I have an Erik Meijer piece(Checking In) to post today (and it has nothing to do with C++) Smiley


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    Ok - thank you Charles.

    But Brian and Erik are not the only ones we've seen with "FUN"-stories. I just wonder if MS has abandoned the FP-wagon just after they got it going with .net 3? There is a talk from Erik somewhere around where he talks abaout FP and urged us to demand MS to get some pure function going ( - oh please ....) put since then we've got Rx (great) and that's it more or less.

    The DLR is surely a fine piece of software but I had hoped to get better generics or even some kind of type classes somewhere in the future, but right now it looks to me as if MS is going to even abondon F# and just saves the *good* parts into C# (async) ... what a shame Crying

    Just tell me everything will be fine and I don't have to switch to java-land Expressionless



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