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View Thread: why don't power supplies come with a built in UPS?
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    , SteveRichter wrote

    just lost power for a split second, which caused the PC to reboot ...

    Are there power supplies which enable a PC to withstand such a brief power hit? I normally build my PC from parts and I don't skimp on the power supply. Yet, I have never noticed any being sold with a built in UPS or advertised with the ability to maintain power for a few seconds.

    I have a small IBM AS400 server running sometimes. And more often than not when I lose power like this the AS400 stays up while the PC falls flat.


    well here are some things to take into account:

    1) added cost

    2) added weight

    3) the battery is toxic lead /acid in most of them

    4) UPS and other shippers have to be notified and the battery must be not connected in shipping.

    5) if you want more runtime then ???

    6) added size to the pc

    for the pc Mfg how do they gain by adding that part  given the added costs and possible shipping and other issues?  how many buyers would want this ?

    the AS400 may be built different than a desktop system, IBM has a lot invested in highly reliable gear for businesses.