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View Thread: why don't power supplies come with a built in UPS?
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    , abner0322 wrote

    It is here...I have a HP p7-1423w that I bought in December 2012.  When you unplug the power cord, the green light on the PSU stays on for a few minutes.  In my area, we get frequent power outages for a few minutes at a time...I'm convinced that's what killed my last desktop.  With my new computer, it starts normally after every power safe mode message or anything.  It's great.  I haven't yet been able to find any literature on this, but I know I have it.

    No you have been luck so far.....


    the led:   an LED does not need much power, in  the power supply and system board some leds will stay on for a minute or two as parts called "capacitors" act a bit like a small battery and take time to drain the power they held.  totally not the same as a battery backup.  I would say go get a backup unit and plug in the usb data cable and be safe.