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View Thread: why don't power supplies come with a built in UPS?
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    Also I would say that in most scenarios apps can be programmed to save some essential state every now and then, so if IE is losing data written in forms while power goes out or when you accidentally press escape or mouse back button, I think that problem can be solved by the IE team, but if the OS doesn't get a message in time to flush the data to disk when the power cuts, then you lose data.

    In addition I would like if the motherboard included some basic power monitoring of the various PSU rails to see if the PSU capacitors are going dry or there is some other power quality issue as this could be exposed in a system similar to HDD's "SMART" where user could then get a message that the PSU is about to die.

    One way to implement this is for the OS to monitor the PSU rails at high frequency during a short test run now and then, essentially creating a statistical profile of how the rails act when loaded. Of course the load profiling would need to be done in a way that stays valid over time, this could be done by the profiling service telling all buses to go to power saving state, and then use the CPU to perform some intensive operation to see how the PSU voltages act. If they start acting differently it could signal poorer performance in capacitors somewhere (mainboard or PSU).