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why your phone sux (lol)

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  • jamie

    i didnt believe them... but its the apps.


    i dont need apps. i dont need games. but after trying to get a VOICE RECORDER app - i can see why you have 1% share....

    every app - ive tried - is SH%^

    they all want to save to skydrive - and wont install if you dont give them location data


    RIGHT THERE - i hate all the apps


    When you DO get an app ...that ...SORT OF WORKS - you find out it saves files to skydrive called:

    YEGE#D&#GHD&#j   - with no file extension. I dunno - i tried re-naming them to mp3 - nope - mp4, wav,   DELETE - try a new voice app


    i ended up using  Voice Recorder Free - but it too wants skydrive


    i thought this was a WINDOWS F&*^%$ phone.  SteveB cant leave soon enough

    i want my phone to behave as a USB mic - if i plug it in - not a walled garden to crap-land


    I  have an idea - pay me 1000 a month to make sure you dont keep putting garbage in the windows store - you would have market share in 2 months


  • jamie

    ps - love the video, love the screen  ( - minus the touchable search /home icons *try doing a video - your hand stops it) - love the camera, love the size, 


    HATE all 3rd party apps ive tried.  This isn't windows 95 - where you "leave" some scraps for developers... you are BEHIND in the game,  The developers are FAILING.  the apps - existing ones - are HORRIBLE

    make a friggin voice recorder that does everything - and puts SOME COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS LIKE GATES USED TO DO

    garbage win store... a JOKE


  • jamie

    your lucky the new iphone is crap as well (same screen size)

    Please stop thinking you are APPLE. your are and have always been the BUDGET choice -even though -  ANDROID "stoled it from us"

    you need to compete with android - and at least there apps - as sh*&^% as they are - dont try to coral you into a service

    Where is your 30 dollar usb tv stick - to circumvent googles run on cable co's

    When will you get out of bed with media conglomerates and give REAL - free - content and saving ability

     - when will you conquer the phone recording/video latency problems? (iphone still hasnt)

    Maybe you should just do what value act wants - go entirely business.  dump consumer



  • MasterPi

    There's a first party voice recorder app for Win 8.1. Good chance it'll come to WP. But yeah, you'd think there'd be one already...

  • elmer

    I think that if you have Office365 active on the phone, you can use OneNote as a voice recorder ?

  • jamie

    ok ... ive calmed down now.  i HATE shoddy SH*&  (phone is good - its the - SOFTWARE that is bad (and not the ui )- i mean - sure it connects to my 200 dollar zoom box or whatever that heavy little f**** is called - but listen to it - every song - there is a glitch - there are delays - the iphone didnt do that


    over all its like people tested things and said - yep they work... but they didnt listen to whole album . they didnt try to record something. they thought the keyboard app "looked cool" and hit a key- but no one actually tried to use the piano and realised its garbage - and unusable.  every piano downloaded  is a waste of someones time

    good luck on the market share

  • jamie

    how about - NEW in WIndows Store: Jamie Approved apps.  These apps work and dont nickel and dime you - or demand your location - and dont need skydrive to save files (if you are ON WINDOWS)

    they are free and tested - made by microsoft - the best software company in the world *




    * from 1994 to 2003

  • jamie

    and PS where the F is sent items?  i sent some emails on my phone - or did I??

    and pppps - instead of blowing another 7 billion to buy the company that already made a good  phone for you - why not (call me crazy( spend 1 billion on some apps that work.  


    pppppppppps: glad to see you have angry birds (paid) and angry birds (crap) one version
    ..did no one ever say - pay angry friggin birds - and we get all there software free to our users (even tho they are old now)

  • jamie

    ...i actually wish Nokia had have bought MICROSOFT


    edit: lastly (right) ... steve ballmer has destroyed microsft - a common theme in my posts for all these years. so... as crazy as i usually sound - remember that.  i am never right - but id venture im closer to right than wrong - most times

    i go by feeling - not brains.  to me - i was right from my first post on this site about salesguy leadership.  after all that yelling above - i felt the need to at least rub that in

    9ers rock - ms wake up

    * i did all those cartoons mostly to entertain my fellow niners - but they did have points - wish someone other than SB was around when i did them

  • MasterPi

    , jamie wrote

    and PS where the F is sent items?  i sent some emails on my phone - or did I??

    Folders > sent

  • jamie

    haha thanks

    ... in outlook (and iphone) it  is on the root nav... 

    perhaps i should have checked under "SIM" lol

    EDIT: oh and btw to other post i made about scrolling songs = stops and plays new song - you dont need a list under current playing song - just let us scroll across to see whats coming up - maybe have an "X" option to "not play this song" - and to skip ahead we just swipe/swipe/press play

    (it shouldnt stop songs automatically as you browse) 

    * request * something cooler than cover flow - that assumes your album collection is downloaded - and applies the covers by folder name - regardless of what is missing in the never-worlds of tags and properties listings.

    thats what old MS used to do.


  • kettch

    @elmer: You don't even need to have Office 365. Just hold the Start button, say "Note" and start talking.

  • jamie

    im recording acoustic track - the app i finally got to work records good! but i got to save to skydrive - back to windows for every track/take?  i have windows... i have windows phone .... wtf with skydrive 

    A: you dont make jamie's list Tongue Out

  • MasterPi

    , jamie wrote

      i have windows... i have windows phone .... wtf with skydrive 

    Skydrive is integrated with Windows. It's basically drive letter Q, the one you use for fluffy things like clouds. But yeah, you're right that you should be able to access audio directly from the phone because you can do that with photos and video using the companion App.

  • elmer

    , kettch wrote

    @elmer: You don't even need to have Office 365. Just hold the Start button, say "Note" and start talking.

    I hadn't actually enabled that on my 920, but you're right.

  • jamie

    intuitive Wink


    btw - to end on a happy note - i ll just say

    Fresh Paint

    thats it. thats your app. you have ONE app in the jamie store.

  • MasterPi

    @jamie: Have you tried Face Swap from MSR?

  • jamie

    currently... i'm .. afraid too?


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