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View Thread: why your phone sux (lol)
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    i didnt believe them... but its the apps.


    i dont need apps. i dont need games. but after trying to get a VOICE RECORDER app - i can see why you have 1% share....

    every app - ive tried - is SH%^

    they all want to save to skydrive - and wont install if you dont give them location data


    RIGHT THERE - i hate all the apps


    When you DO get an app ...that ...SORT OF WORKS - you find out it saves files to skydrive called:

    YEGE#D&#GHD&#j   - with no file extension. I dunno - i tried re-naming them to mp3 - nope - mp4, wav,   DELETE - try a new voice app


    i ended up using  Voice Recorder Free - but it too wants skydrive


    i thought this was a WINDOWS F&*^%$ phone.  SteveB cant leave soon enough

    i want my phone to behave as a USB mic - if i plug it in - not a walled garden to crap-land


    I  have an idea - pay me 1000 a month to make sure you dont keep putting garbage in the windows store - you would have market share in 2 months