, evildictait​or wrote

Windows 8.1 supports MiraCast out of the box. Hence Surface Pro 2 will support it, yes.

Surface RT does not support Miracast. Surface Pro, and all "2" variants do though.

, Relwolf wrote

They said MiraCast is supported in W 8.1 but I've yet to get it to work on a Dell XPS 12, Surface RT or Surface Pro with (3 different) Netgear PTV 3000's using the latest firmware.  I looked at how people said to connect to it but I never got past the pin prompt, horribly frustrating.  WIDI or MiraCast + windows 7/8/8.1 != AirPlay ease of use.

Can you email me more details? (see blog) You can use DxDiag - Save All Information to see if your system is Miracast ready.