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View Thread: windowphone8 contingency shutdown?
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    I have a Surround, and I haven't had to pull the battery for several months now.

    When I first got my device, I was used to poking my stylus into a small hole to reset my Pocket PCs such as my ViewSonic or my Toshiba, so naturally I found the small hole in my Surround and stuck a pin in it (such a small hole). Sad

    My Surround still works just fine, but I don't know if the microphone works still after my RTFM failure, as I never use it anyway. Now that I think about it, it does still work because I used that app that listens to a song then tells you the songs title.


    I'm developing a Windows Phone app now for an application that I have been wanting to develop since my first handheld pc, the US Robotics Palm Pilot. The features that are only on Microsofts platform greatly inhances my app (or should once I get that functionality coded up). I'm surprised that no one else has ever thought of my idea yet. 16 years of thinking about my app has produced a lot of ideas that I want to implement. I have had a few false starts over the years, but now that summer is over, and my summer tasks such as fixing my roof are done, I am working on my app full time with the intent to get it done. You will have to wait until I get it into the market place before I say anything more about it. Hint, it has nothing to do with climate change, nor is it related to my master project that I quit my job over several years go to work on.