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windows 7 service pack 1 is out

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    At least in MSDN and TechNet, I will test it tomorrow because downloading a 2.56 GB file is slow, at least they could change the name to windows_7_1 to make the you jiggle while the file finishes.

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    just got it from the volume license page as well as the new SP1 images.

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    @jmzl666: I found that my IE is missing Java plugin after installed SP1. And the Control Panel -> Program -> Java icon has become a blank icon that cannot run.


    Can anyone help me find out if it's related to Win7 SP1 install, or the J6U24 released earlier?


    Downloading Java package from and reinstall seems to fix it.

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    @cheong:Works on my PC... Java all ok.

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    OK. now where is Visual Studio 2010 SP1 ???

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    SP1 doesn't install on my initial box.  neither by the msdn download nor the windows update.  arggg.

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    @davewill: a follow up on sp1 failing to install.  There wasn't a problem installing sp1 on Windows 2008 R2 from Windows Update.  So I went back to my laptop that was exhibiting the issue and the following series of events transpired:


    -Installation of SP1 failed with ERROR_INVALID_DATA (0x8007000D)


    -uninstalled antivirus, ran windows update prepare tool, cleaned out windows update datastore and download dirs


    -Installation of SP1 failed with ERROR_INVALID_DATA (0x8007000D)


    -cleaned out windows update datastore and download dirs, ran chkdsk on reboot, ran windows update prepare tool


    -Installation of SP1 failed with ERROR_INVALID_DATA (0x8007000D)


    -Unplugged all USB attached devices and external monitor.  for the laptop this was a usb hub which linked the external keyboard and mouse and a vga external monitor.


    -Installation of SP1 proceeded to the point where it did its first reboot.  It has never gotten this far before.


    -Upon reboot the Configuring Service Pack blah blah % came up and was proceeding along and then it said it was Reverting.  BOOM blue screen BAD_POOL_HEADER

    0x000000c2 (0x0000000000000007, 0x0000000000001097, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff8a00d0bd010).


    -Upon automatic reboot from the blue screen it said Configuring Service Pack blah blah % again and completed and came up in windows with the Windows Service Pack 1 now installed box.


    -Plugged all the USB and external monitor cables back in and all seems normal.


    Why having stuff attached causes a 0x8007000D is beyond me but it sure would be nice to have some indication other than me pulling it out of thin air.

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