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View Thread: windows 8 install - says dvd/cd driver is missing
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    ,Jimmy_​Engstrom wrote

    I have written a short blog post about how to install Windows 8 on a HP TouchSmart TX2.
    I don't have a solution for the cd/dvd problem other than installing from a previously installed Windows 7.

    i downloaded a good iso, then i googled for the download link for the utulity app on the microsoft store. it's a free download and it will put an iso on a usb thumb drive it makes it bootable.

    then i took that to the laptop and made sure that in the TX bios the usb / floppy boot was enabled.

    then i booted off the thumb drive.

    worked perfectly.

    time to copy the files and format the drive was about 8 minutes.

    then about 4-6 minutes for windows to finish and go to the start screen / ask for a username and password to be entered.

    thouch is not right but the stylus works ok.