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View Thread: windows 8 install - says dvd/cd driver is missing
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    ,batvanio wrote

    @ Jimmy_Engstrom: Installing from whitin Win7 did not work for me (at least on a tablet). My ViewPad meets all of the install requirements, except for the 16 GB of free space - it's entire disk is 16 GB, so with Win7 installed, it only has like 3-4 gigs of free space)... I am not sure what the reason is, but if I run the installer from within Win7, I get an error: Something happened (?!?!) determining if your PC can run Windows.... No hint of what actually happened or whether it can or can't be installed. 

    If I try to boot, I get the No CD/DVD driver error... Any other way? Bootable DOS or something?

    might be a case of you have to wait for a later build to fix some driver issues.