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View Thread: windows 8 sold 60 millions up today.
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    , JoshRoss wrote


    Like Windows 7? Nothing competes with Windows better than Windows.

    well, I am thinking about an OS based on managed code. Really strong siloing of apps so no such thing as a virus.  Much better problem determination features, where I can freeze the system and examine in depth what a process is doing.  My superior OS would be well documented with a lot of sample code for every interface.  I am sure W8 is better, but W7 is very slow to start. You have to do better at that.  The windows shell, at least from a programmer's perspective could be a lot better. Copy/paste between apps is so useful, you have to be able to do a lot more with that. IE could be much better - save everything I browse to, enable me to skip advertisements in videos. Favorites are nice, but do you really need superior hierarchical organizational skills to know how to store a favorite so you can find it at a later time?