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View Thread: windows 8 sold 60 millions up today.
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    , wkempf wrote


    Fujitsu in particular is being rather stupid in their criticism. They don't even offer what I would call a Win8 device. They just have traditional PCs and laptops that they've put Win8 onto. While there's nothing wrong with that, because Win8 works fine on such devices, the consumer demand for such devices is obviously going to drop. 

    Fujitsu has offered more than "traditional" W8 PCs and laptops. The STYLISTIC┬« Q702 Hybrid Tablet PC may have roots in W7 but if anything shows Fujitsu was an early adopter of Windows tablets and has had skin in this game for awhile. I'd hope with W8's great tablet support (aside from control panel related stuff and the like) would make a design like this popular.