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View Thread: windows 8 sold 60 millions up today.
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    , elmer wrote

    60 million licenses sold by MS does not necessarily equate to the number in use or even sold to end users.

    These are rubbery numbers that don't account for licenses held by OEMs or sitting in retail stock or purchases that have been downgraded, etc etc. 

    OEMs, meanwhile, are less impressed.

    No one claimed 60 million licenses mean 60 million users. But when this figure is comparable to the Win7 figures you DO have a very good indication of how well it's selling, because the Win7 figures had all the same variables.

    BTW, OEMs not being impressed doesn't impress me. Of course OEMs aren't seeing a demand for Win8 devices... the current crop of Win8 devices are underwhelming at best. This is much more a statement of what the OEMs are doing, and NOT a statement about the OS. Fujitsu in particular is being rather stupid in their criticism. They don't even offer what I would call a Win8 device. They just have traditional PCs and laptops that they've put Win8 onto. While there's nothing wrong with that, because Win8 works fine on such devices, the consumer demand for such devices is obviously going to drop. Consumers are looking for good Win8 devices and not finding them, so they are holding off on purchasing, or settling for an "OK" Win8 device. What they aren't doing is buying Win7 devices that have Win8 on them. So Fujitsu in particular can cry me a river... it's their problem and their fault.