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    Just bought a lumia 920, I absolutely love it its a beautiful phone. Its my second windows phone. I went to use the speech feature to compose a message and was amazed to see that I will "Send the words you speak and supporting data, including recent contact names to Microsoft..." Amazing. Unbelievable. If I speak an intimate message to my girlfriend, which I often do, I have all the employees at MS listening to me so they can "... improve the speech recognition service". Is there any ms employee here that will honestly say they will use the windows phone speech recognition service for private conversations without constantly wondering what dork in a server room somewhere is listening in?? Be honest. YES I KNOW the dork has access to every email and text message I send, every physical location visit and take my phone, where I surf on the internet, what I buy, where I buy, where I work, where I live, what I earn, my hobbies and interests. But now the dork is going to be STANDING IN THE SAME ROOM WITH ME while I speak a message to someone? What a complete and total intrusion. It actually changes what I will say and how I will say it. The thought that my message may be the joke of the day at Microsoft and their numerous "affiliates" will be constantly on my mind while I speak. I don't want to return this phone. I already returned an android. I'm going to try an iphone, if their privacy isn't any better it looks like I'm going to be back to a basic flip phone. I'm so bummed. I've never posted a video to youtube. I think I will post this feature on youtube to help others make an informed decision before they purchase a windows phone.