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xbap xceed suite controls

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    Do you know what's happened to xbap files and cannot be viewed.

    I wanted to take a look at the professional themes for wpf controls but the file give me the download as dialog.. ???!?!?!?

    how can i view the following file

    xceed's professional themes demo

    any thought or suggestion will be welcome

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    generally the xbap is not used by very many developers.

    most folks have switched to silverlight in it's place.

    i did not find a formal statement from microsoft but i think it's now a non-supported / depricated format.

    by default they are disabled in IE9 on the internet, you can change the setting if you want to but i would not.

    one problem is that xbap is not running in a sandbox, that is one reason for silverlight as a replacement.

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    thank you figuerres that sounds reasonable

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    @ailatzis: XBAPs were disabled from being viewed in the Internet Zone by Microsoft about a month ago as part of a critical security update pushed via Windows Updates. If you want a seamless experience you should use Silverlight as a replacement, or you can continue to use XBAPs if you are on an Intranet or you can lower the security settings on each of the client's machines so they can see XBAPs over the Internet.

    @figuerres: XBaps do run in a sandbox - unlike Silverlight it runs on the standard .NET framework with restricted .NET permissions running in the Internet Zone. Silverlight is an entirely different .NET framework (although many of the classes are re-implemented) built from the ground up to have no access to system resources.

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